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11:00 at night.

Hi Journal. I wanted to say first that I hope Jennie got her Christmas present I sent...if she hasn't, it's floating around in space somewhere (some bin at the post office) and Jennie's missing a Christmas present. I haven't even called Corey. I know he called but things are too busy. Work is busy and Dad had another surgery this year--two hernias repaired. So, I'm dinner lady, nurse lady, and work lady during the day.
Um. I'm not making excuses for myself; just busy. Christmas was busy but nice. We had goose instead of duck this year and it was a letdown, for sure. I went that night to a friend's house and the very next morning went riding! It was great! I got to ride Chris' newest four wheeler and we spent the whole day finding mud and puddles and nasty trails. Good fun!! I went to work that monday morning after Christmas a little hungover but glad for the weekend.

I guess that's all I have to spew. Work is busy--it seems like my day is consumed by it. But, I'm saving for another bike so I figure this is worth my while. I can't wait.

I wonder how Josie's doing. I wonder if Lisa's moved in? Ack. I need to call. I'm such a lousy friend.

Anyway, ah. I can't sleep tonight. I work tomorrow. Blah.
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I did get the necklace and I love it!!! I have been bad and havnt sent a 'thanyou' note yet, but I will!!!

Josie is doing good. I saw Corey and Josie at the commissary last night.

Jamie keeps getting sick, so I have been a nurse/wife. I hope he gets better..he usually never gets sick!
all I see is a red x!