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Ghads, the family life!!!

Okay, answer me this ladies: Why is it that once a woman has one baby, she suddenly craves another one when one is simply enough?! I'll never understand it, I guess, until I have a baby, but that scares me plenty!!! (I'm not talking about anyone in particular, btw.) I went on a date last night with a friend of mine, Brett. You know how many babies that guy wants??!! SEVEN. *gasps* Seven!! He'd be a happy man with seven!! How does a person put seven kids through college? Jiminy. I hope he finds a good mormon woman who doesn't mind pumping out seven kids to make him happy. Yeesh.
Anyhow, in other news, the date went really well! I had such a good time! I'd go on another, I guess...but then we're bordering on "getting the wrong impression" and I don't know if I'm up for that.
I'm getting odd vibes from my friends about this date, anyhow. They tell me to be wary of him, but that he's a really nice guy. Okee? I dunno. I need to just stay out of the dating scene in this circle. Dammit!
Welp. Better shower. Ken's supposed to show up sooner or later to go to the dump and help me out. I gotta give the dog a bath...and fix The Dad somethin' to eat.
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