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Why can I not sleep?

I guess sleep eludes me tonight. It's just about 5 in the morning and still I'm laying in bed rolling around. I guess I'm a little excited--I'm finally getting a motorcycle!! Well, rather, I have the okay to go and look for another one. This one will be an older junkie, but it'll be fun and I'll be able to ride again! Yay! I can't believe how much I CRAVE to ride. I found a little kawasaki on the internet that I might be able to afford. We'll see. Later on today I'll go to Bent Bike to check and see if they have anything too. That, and there's a guy...ah, but there's always a guy. At least that thing with Brandon is all fixed up. We hung out, got a good chat, and that was good. He's gone back to Idaho.
Perhaps another reason I can't sleep is the fact that I smoked with dad tonight. We don't do that often, but tonight I was up for it. I made a wonderful dinner (if I do say so myself) and ate a lot of a few truffles afterwards, too. I felt a little gluttonous after that.
I just can't wait to put on my helmet and gloves and go riding! I'm a little afraid of the hill now and I might have to go all the way around the house to avoid having to stop and make that left turn at night. I don't want to repeat the first rear-ending.
Today is Shelly's birthday so I think I'm going to go spend some money and buy her a huge bouqet of flowers. She deserves it; she's a cool lady.
I started running again--only because I think I'm going to be participating in a 10k race in two weeks and I want to be able to keep up with my friend. Actually, without sounding like I'm bragging, I don't think I'll have too much trouble keeping up. But. We'll see. My legs are sure sore and my abs and back are feeling the pressure as well.
Dad is doing exceptionally well. On the other hand, Grandma is doing terribly. Dad and I wonder if she'll last this year. She surprises us most of the time, though. I just worry for her. I think tomorrow I'll go and see how she's faring--and I think I'll be bringing her to the doctors.
I feel as though I'm ranting...barfing up all the stuff in my head so that I can catch a nap!
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