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lots of garbage floating in my noggin'.

Alright well, tomorrow's the big day. I'm not worried, really. Dad's big surgery tomorrow. Coincedently, tomorrow is my last day of class and I have three whole weeks off!! *does happy dance*
I should be asleep right now, but I can't. Crystal was a dear and bought me starbucks today...and that got me right going. Ezra and I went to see The Lord of the Rings the first second it came out at 12:00 wednesday morning. It was good!! ...a bit sappy, but good. I had a good time. My sleep schedule is completely messed up. So Jennie, Wendi, when are we going to to laugh at holdiay shoppers? Everybody's busy at this point, though. Everybody's got shopping to do.
I feel a bit restless tonight. I think my journal sounds as such. I'm just worried a bit for the ol' man. I have to get up in four hours to drive him to the hospital. First stop in the mornin'--starbucks. Love that place.
hmmm, well yes. I hope everyone is having a dandy Christmas time, holday, yule, whatever.
The room's a mess here, whatdddyaknow. I feel like eating. Ahhh! Can't stop wierd thoughts!
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