Laura (twopence) wrote,

Stressful Holidays

Time to update. School's going well for me, except for a stupid class I can't stand called Art Appreciation. It would be okay if we just took tests and talked about art, but since I'm in an art school, everything's got to be out there and the assignments are "do what you like with these stupid rules". I hate it.
Anyway, otherwise school's okay. I had to take dad to the hospital on wednesday because he had to do an operation to see what's up with his heart. Apparently the news wasn't good and he's got to have heart bypass surgery soon. One out of the three arteries around his heart is completely shut and the other two are following suit. They have to take veins from his legs and arms to replace the bad ones around his heart. I'm so worried. I'm so done with trials. I don't think I need to sacrifice another parent! The odds of him dying or having complications in surgery are slim...but he's 60 years old. How can they be sure? He'll make it, I think. He's optomimistic. He'll be bedridden for a while and I'll have to be nurse among all else around the house and things. I'll even have to take care of grandma. Thank god I don't have a job otherwise I'd have to quit to get through school and this. The surgery will be in December, before Christmas. My poor Dad. When are our trials over?
Anyway. I got to talk to my friend Lynda a bit today which was good. I love talking to her and I hope that I can go visit her in May when she's expecting her second little babe. I've even got back in touch with Wendi and that makes me happy. We may be different people but she was always a friend and I'm happy that we'll hang out a bit again. I was looking through Crystal's old pictures and there's so many pictures of Wendi with black hair and bright clothes. :) That's Wendi!
Welp. I'm goin' out with Ezra tonight to see a Hockey game! Yayeee!
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